I am a New York corporate attorney.  I represent business clients in a wide variety of corporate transactional matters, specifically startup companies with respect to formation, financing, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property matters. I also counsel established business clients on a wide variety of issues, including securities, complex commercial transactions, real estate, strategic planning, business restructuring, and general corporate counseling.

This is my own personal blog.  The opinions and information provided herein are entirely my own (except where explicitly noted otherwise).  The title of this blog applies to instances where a deal has been reached between two parties and the lawyers need to prepare (i.e. “paper”) the documents for execution.  This step is important to ensure that the heart of the deal that was negotiated makes it into the final documents.  There are always many extra items that need to be agreed upon by the parties that they may have not considered when agreeing on the major deal points.  And yes, I realize that the word “paper” is traditionally used as a noun and not a verb so some grammarians may be upset.

This is a personal blog and is not operated by the law firm where I practice law, Centolella Lynn LLC.  The views expressed here are my own, and do not represent or contain any such expression implied or otherwise of my firm.